On June 29th in Sciacca (AG) Festival of San Pietro and traditional "Sea Festival" 28th, 29th, 30th June and 1st July 2018. Three days of religious, cultural, musical events and initiatives related to local gastronomy, Sciacca and its "marine quarter" live days of intense celebration. The Sea Festival is a traditional festival that takes place in June, in honor of San Pietro protector of fishermen.

Street Food Fest is an international festival of food developed and promoted in Sciacca, Sicily, in the resort Stazzone, the center of the lively summer city. The Festival welcomes thousands of visitors coming from the city hinterland and from the whole region, enjoying, among other things, the abundant presence of tourists staying in the various hotels in the area.

Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the beautiful City to discover the Art, History, Culture, Food and Traditions

Enjoy a sightseeing tour accompany the friendly Francesco in the beige Ape Piaggio Taxi with the unmistakable style typically Italian to discover the beauty of Sciacca.

Five different itineraries offered:

Don’t lose the opportunity of overfly the volcano Etna a patrimony  of UNESCO and his landscapes mozzafiato.

The TOUR has the duration of 20 min. with departure from the Pìcciolo Sweater Club, (25 min from Taormina) and it includes  the lava of  the 2002 , Plain Provenzana and the whole district Etna Nord, reaching quota 3400 mt. to admire the simmit craters , the valley of the Bove , in order to have a comprehensive look the Great Mountain.

The parachute jump tandem  is the best way to try the elation of a throwing in free fall without the appointment to take a real course of parachuting.

The market in San Michele is a typical Sciacca market where you can find different type of products.

Like typical food, but also clothes and shoes.

Every Saturday from 08:30 to 13:30 in San Michele district, Sciacca.


The guided tour of the historical Cantine Florio starts from eight majestic giant vats, built in the 800 and still used for marsala refinement.


Madonna del Soccorso  is located in Sciacca’s cathedral (Agrigento); she is the patron saint and she is celebrated on February 2 and August 15. During the festivities in via Licata you can see the traditional ritual of "Fumata", a cloud of incense that spreads in the air, recalling the miracle of deliverance from the plague in 1626.

Typical Sicilian evening with music, singing, dancing, food and wine. Third Edition at the Monumental Complex of the "Castello Incantato". After the success of previous editions "The typical Sicilian evening" at the picturesque scenery of the monumental complex of the "Castello Incantato" in Sciacca is going to start again.