SiciliaTo have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not having seen Italy at all - for Sicily is the key to everything - Goethe

Sicily, queen of the Mediterranean, is an island rich in history and myths. It offers an intense fusion of colors, flavors and emotions that blend together to create an unforgettable experience for all those who visit it.

Taormina(At 276 km) Taormina known all over the world for its weather and wonderful landscapes. It is a very beautiful city all in flowered lanes, secret staircases, full with prestigious monuments, and inserted in a quite simply admirable site. 


(At 243 km) NotoNoto  is the capital of the Sicilian Baroque, typical for the colour of local stone and whose centre is still unchanged.


Siracusa(At 274 km) Siracusa is one of the most important archaeological areas with the temple of Apollo, one of Sicily’s oldest temple.


Caltagirone(At 170 km) Caltagirone is the ceramics city, there are all decorated walls. Bridges, domes, balcony and the famous stair of majolica. 

Selinunte(At 42 km) Selinunte is one of the most relevant archaeological parks in the Mediterranean area. The area is rich at great ruins, which make it possible to learn the antique Selinunte and its history.

(At 32 km) Eraclea MinoaEraclea Minoa is a wonderful and beautiful landscape with a long white sand beach and a pine forest with the foot of cliff, the ideal place to make a bath of culture and sea. Now you can see in Eraclea Minoa is the ruins and the Greek theatre.  


(At 124 km) EriceErice, is a famous medieval little town, with the splendid streets, with the decorated doors, the small places and the churches. To visit the beautiful castle Venere, to the whose inside the rests of the temple Venere, most famous in the antiquity. 



piazza armerina(At' 176 km) In Piazza Armerina you can see the Roman Villa of Casale, very well preserved rich and wide mosaics of the 3rd cent A.D. 



Realmonte(At 48 km) The scala dei Turchi  is a white marl cliff like the snow in which erosion dug a kind of monumental staircase. Amount with foot at the top, one has almost the impression to climb a covered mountain of snow located as by magic at the edge of a transparent and limpid sea.




Monreale(At 100 km) Monreale, is near Palermo and it is famous for the wonderful cathedral, full of Byzantine mosaics.  


Palermo(At 96 km) Palermo is the capital of Sicily and offers a lot of beautiful buildings. Palermo is very interesting because the large number of Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Renaissance and Baroque monuments.


Marsala(At 77 km) Marsala, is rich of Roman, Norman, Arab and Spanish monuments. Famous is the national museum. Very important is the production of the wine of the same name Marsala. To visit the small island of Mozia, where there are the rests of the ancient city “Fenicia” and the house of the mosaics. 


Segesta(At 85 km) Segesta, is a very interesting archaeological area with important Doric Temple and the Theatre.

Torre Salsa(At 35 km) Torre Salsa is an oasis in the possession of the WWF, it includes a beach of approximately 5 km. The charm of this landscape enchanter is undoubtedly due to the vegetation which pushes all at the seaside. 

Piana degli albanesi(At 80 km) Piana degli Albanesi is the largest Albanian colony of the island. The traditional costumes, the language, the religious rites and the culture are until today received. 


Caltabellotta(At 22 km) Caltabellotta is a wonderful mountain village, it is of 949 meters of altitude. The highest, oldest and most beautiful part of the village is the quarter of Terravecchia, where are the mother church. 


Trapani(At 118 km) Trapani is one of the province of the Sicily, nearly entire encircled from the sea. To visit the historical centre and the Prehistorically museum. From Trapani to Marsala you can found the natural reserve of the salt.



Catania(At 226 km) Catania is the second largest city of Sicilians with approx. 420'000 inhabitants. To visit the centre of the city and the Dome. 

Etna(At 245 km) The volcano ETNA is the largest of the Europe and one of the most active mountains of fire of the world. It is approximately 3450 meters high and it is one of most known in the world.


Agrigento(At 60 km) Agrigento and the valley of the Temples is an obliged stage for who want to visit the magnificent of Sicily’s history.