The guided tour of the historical Cantine Florio starts from eight majestic giant vats, built in the 800 and still used for marsala refinement.


Going beyond the large vats, there is Garibaldi room, a large space that greets visitors and from which you can catch a first glimpse of the fascinating “bottaie”. Here you can admire the weapons donated by Giuseppe Garibaldi to Vincenzo Florio, to thank him for his loyalty in 1860, and from here you pass through the Sale-Florio and Ingham Woodhouse to finally discover the “bottaie”. Fascinating places, 165 meters long spaced out by 104 arches, under which there are 1.400 “caratelli” and about 600 barrels and vats of various capacities. Crossing the threshold of the historic halls you arrive to the cellar itself, a picturesque and magic place in which about 5,500,000 liters of marsala are kept. After this exciting tour through bottaie, you arrive to Donna Franca Tasting Room. In this room the visitor is greeted by a background music, a fascinating play of light and he is lead through tasting by a virtual guide that goes with him in the discovery of unexpected sensations, flavors and fragrances. The tour ends in Enoteca Florio, an avant-garde and unique store in Italy, which includes Duca di Salaparuta wines, Corvo and Florio wines, as well as an excellent selection of Sicilian crafts and products.




The visit can be effectuated in Italian, English and Spanish.


Days and schedule: Monday to Friday at 11.00 and at 15.30, from April to October.

From November to March only at 15.30.


On Saturday, all year long, at 10.30.


You can arrange the visit by reservation at different times than the standard ones and during the weekend.

You can also request the visit in different languages from the standard ones. Costs to be agreed.




Besides the visit to the cellar you can organize aperitifs, lunches and dinners. Costs and modalities to be agreed.






Naturalistic tour by bicycle through the picturesque landscape of Marsala city up to the historical Cantine Florio. Here you can make a guided tour and a tasting experience, with the possibility to organize a lunch at Km 0.




Boat tours to Egadi islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo). Guided visit to Cantine Florio with suggestive tasting and dinner by candlelight between the barrels, with excellent products.


Helicopter tour that includes two alternative paths:

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