On June 29th in Sciacca (AG) Festival of San Pietro and traditional "Sea Festival" 28th, 29th, 30th June and 1st July 2018. Three days of religious, cultural, musical events and initiatives related to local gastronomy, Sciacca and its "marine quarter" live days of intense celebration. The Sea Festival is a traditional festival that takes place in June, in honor of San Pietro protector of fishermen. Very characteristic is the procession that takes place in the sea in front of the port with the statue of San Pietro located in a boat, accompanied by fishing - boats of the saccense fleet.  Various tastings, music, games of quarter including the famous Ntinna a Mari and shows of strong tourist attraction, will frame the festival of San Pietro. Significant and moving, as tradition, will be the procession of the saint, in the sea in front of the port.  The statue of Saint Peter placed on a boat, will be accompanied by all vessels saccense fleet. On return, in the evening, tasting of fish, musical performances, fireworks.

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