The parachute jump tandem  is the best way to try the elation of a throwing in free fall without the appointment to take a real course of parachuting.

With about 25 minutes of preparation, you will be ready to launch you together with your instructor in tandem. In the preparation to the ground  you will be trained to the various phases that constitute the throwing, you will be educated on the operations that will happen on board of the aircraft that will bring you in quota, on the position that you must assume in flight in free fall, on the formalities of opening and pilotage of the parachute.

If you will also want you can pilot,with the instructor and in all safety, the parachute without ever forgetting that the instructor is together with you and this has the aims to ensure the safety and compliance standards.

You will fly in free fall from over 4.000 mt. with an experienced and qualified instructor that will bring you to earth without any problem. Later around 60 seconds of free fall, the instructor will open the parachute and you will keep on flying to open sail actually enjoying you an uproarious panorama to the moment in which you will land in soft way and in point of feet.

At the end of the throwing in tandem you will be delivered you a certificate of partecipation and a videocassette with the resumptions to earth and in flight who a parachutist videoperatore will  effect for you to the phase of your landing. You can show then a spectacular video turned in free fall to your friends.

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