Street Food Fest is an international festival of food developed and promoted in Sciacca, Sicily, in the resort Stazzone, the center of the lively summer city. The Festival welcomes thousands of visitors coming from the city hinterland and from the whole region, enjoying, among other things, the abundant presence of tourists staying in the various hotels in the area.

The philosophy of the Festival is that every stand is associated with only one product so that, as a whole, the entrance to the event becomes the entrance to a colorful village of taste where every position can offer a dish that doesn’t  find quality and type anywhere else. Inside of the circuit are organized various parking areas with over 400 seats and space dedicated to children.

Entertainment moments are assigned to the stage, near the area of the stands, alternating bands of national circulation, cooking shows and talk-shows to culinary and gastronomic theme .The entertainment takes visitors to the festival until late evening so even in the later hours to ensure a significant presence of the public.The rest is the frame of the Festival: the village of Stazzone, a wonderful open space on the waterfront of Sciacca. 

Our mission is clear: we intend to propose within the perimeter of the event all the culinary excellence in the area that ranges from Trapani to Ragusa, without exception. The 2018 edition is characterized by expansion, for even more refined cuisine offer related  to this propensity to tell the Sicilian gastronomy in the space of a square.


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