sciaccaSciacca is a lively, captivating town situated on the south western coast of Sicily. It actually sits on the famous archaeological road between Selinunte and Agrigento and is one of the oldest cities on the island.

"Sciacca Terme" is one of the most interesting features of Sciacca. Founded in the 7th century before Christ it is a true reference to the mediaeval and baroque architecture of the period. Infact we can not escape the historic foundations of Sciacca as we admire the antique city walls in which it is embraced with doors leading from the mediaeval castle and the Norman palaces and churches of various historical origins.

The highly prestigious thermal baths once called by the Romans "Thermae Selinunte" are not to be missed. Situated at the peak of "Mount Kronio" any visitor can experience the naturally vaporized grottos and hydrothermal spas, providing a unique experience for both body and mind. In the city centre one can browse curiously at one of the oldest traditions of the town. Exhibited in the various art workshops open to the public, one can look upon the ceramic specialists as they sculpture and decorate in clay.

The restaurants express the best of local cuisine while other attractions such as the wine shops, local cellars, craft shops, antique dealers, boat excursions, guided tours, folk manifestations and numerous other high-lights will all add to making your holiday unforgettable. The "Sciacca Carnival" is also an appointment not to be overlooked as it is rendered one of the most famous in Italy.

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