The virgin extra oil of olive is produced in our firm of family, with the mark “Principi di CARTABUBBO”, from  typical produits of our territory, like: Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara of the Belice. Soaps are produced with method to cold and they are totally finished up to hand. Their seasoning happens inside structures in natural wood for a two month-old least period. Adjacent to the laboratory, we have prepared a space museale, devoted to the history and the science of the soap.
The house museum is an eight hundred old rural building of the first ones, entirely restored, where present also two presses are and some objects related to the rural activities of the zone. Idea to create this space museale, is born from the fact that producing soaps and natural cosmetic, it was also our desire that to transmit historical news, techniques to scientific to all those people they were interested to discover the marvelous world of the soaps, whose history already goes up again to 2800 B.C.
All the visits are driven and free and at the end of the tour it is also anticipated also an explanation of all of our products with the possibility to try them. The opening times to the public have been being for Monday to Friday, from her 09:00 to the 17:00. You asks for the booking with the purpose to be able ro manage to the best the driven visits.

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