SiciliaTo have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not having seen Italy at all - for Sicily is the key to everything - Goethe

Sicily, queen of the Mediterranean, is an island rich in history and myths. It offers an intense fusion of colors, flavors and emotions that blend together to create an unforgettable experience for all those who visit it.

Strategically positioned in the Mediterranean, it has always been a land of conquests. A place of multi-cultural unions and collisions where traces of these identities have been left over the centuries. With the rotation of the domain every population, unique culturally with its artistic and architectural expressions, has given the earth an extraordinary richness that we can still admire today.

Over the centuries these populations have carved something of their identity on the spirit and character of the Sicilians. You can witness the traditions of these cultures that are revived daily in the gestures and expression of the people. The religious events contribute to the creation of an almost unique folklore that, once presented, is so full of colors and joy of life that you can not help but be teased.

Sicily is a land of natural beauty where the crystalline waters of the sea, perfect beaches and lush countryside come together and offer a perfect base for any type of holiday. You can spend a day on the beautiful sandy coast that leads to the top of the volcano Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. Otherwise other nearby attractions include forests, parks, nature reserves, shrines, churches, medieval castles and old settlements.

The natural beauty of our island and its relaxed pace of life offer a perfect opportunity for every tourist to relax. For all those wishing to learn about our wonderful variety of land and sea products, there is much to discover. We are also proud of our wine culture, often genuine and varied with a thousand different colors and flavors.

This sunny island is also an island full of 3000 years of history and art of stories and myths. It is an island where the colors of nature contrast and blend. A place where you can combine a holiday between history, relaxation on the sea, culture, entertainment, shows and excellent cuisine. Where you can visit the Roman and Greek remains in Taormina and Agrigento, or simply enjoy the magical atmosphere of Acitrezza, Erice or Selinunte. Besides the beautiful Syracuse, the city of Palermo is the "Royal Palace" which is of Norman sovereignty. Another interesting experience to take a look at our gastronomic cuisine: taste some of the dishes full of flavor that our land has to offer. Make your holiday unforgettable!

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